Thursday, April 29, 2010

Had surgery

So I had carpel tunnel surgery on the 16th of april. Well I also had a large mass removed from my wrist! Ok so I need your help in choosing so things you would like to know about! Let me know! I have been off of work for 2 weeks, aweful, so boring I am telling you what! I do not understand why people don't want to work!
I also got a puppy his name is Jasper and I sometimes call him J~Dawg! He is so cute and is a pure bred springer spaniel. He got sick and was throwing up and pooing everywhere! I thought he had PARVO! I was super sad and totally freaking out. But he did not and is now on antibiotics.

This is after I accidentally dumped Downy down my cast! I had to get a new one made sorry it is kinda of yucky! But is totally getting better, I had my stitches out on the 26th of April and it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Sadly I am unable to do make up and hair right now and I am seriously going BATTY! I hate it, but I am moisturizing as much as possible. My whole body is super dry. Which I hate, by the way. Well I just wanted to update Y'all. Soeaking of Y'all I got to meet Ruby Gettinger from the show Ruby on Style Network, she is amazing and very beautiful and I live in Rubytown, USA and we officially have a Ruby day it is so AWESOME! I love her she is super inspirational and has great attitude about life, I am also in love with her nephew Jim. He is super sweet. I am going to post tomorrow. Happy Chunky DUNKIN!!
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