Sunday, January 31, 2010

Make You Say Hmmm...

Ok, so why is it ok for him to do what he wants, but when it comes to me doing some thing he does not like then it hits the fan. Sometimes it just seems so senseless. I do not know what to do so I am going to write several blogs and date them to come on I will work on it and if you want to hear about anything let me know!
Happy Chunkydunkin!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have been Hearing my skin looks nice

Ok so I have been hearing that my skin looks fantastic lately! I am so loving that, because I do not agree but that is ok if others think so then I am good to go! The only real thing I have been doing is using the Proactive cleanser like 3 times a week, and washing my face daily at night before bed, and moisturizing morning and night! Well and a couple more things but I will get to that in a minute!
So every morning before doing my makeup I moisturize with this fabulous moiturizer called Merlot Moisturizer. It is fantastic, but also a little spendy but it should be added to my post entitled I think I Will Tell You About My Favorite Things.  I then put on my makeup.
Everynight before going to bed I use a clean washcloth with nothing but warm water on it to wash off the makeup. Then I use an astringent any kind really to get the stuff I do not see, use my new favorite thing to remove make which is going to sound way weird but it is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO from here on out), this helps the lashes and  removes all the make up! It does not clog your pores either! I like it better than store baught stuff except Mary Kays Eye makup remover that stuff is BOMB!!! Also too expensive unless I want to treat myself! Then I wipe my eyes with the Washcloth again. The next thing is I use Merlot's Night Cream just as awesome and the moisturizer I do not have a pic of that sorry.

Eye Pigments

So I said I would put up pics of an eye pigment. These are from Medusa's Makeup in Blow (the white) and Helter Skelter (bluish Black).

OK wow SO this is harder than I thought BUT I will prevail

Ok, I do not know if any of you know but you can make money online for free but it takes a lot of work. Thank you Lisa for all your wonderful insight and guidence in all of this(sorry bout the shout out)! I am excited to get started in all of this even though it is tough! Apparently you can advertise, link and keyword the heck out of your blog and make it work for you! I just want you all to know that this is something I will be partaking of! anytime I am getting some where and probably everytime I make some money I will revert back here and keep you all posted! I have great ideas and see this going a long way! If you want anymore info for your self please visit my friends site she has great information and she really knows what the heck she is talking about here is her site... . We are doing a group once a week and it is going to be awesome if anyone wants to join us and you live in the Yakima area please let me know you are interested and I will get you the info!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I think I will tell you about my favorite things!

I have several things that are my favorite. I Love my laptop it is great tool and I absolutely love it! It is a toshiba  Satellite, and has to be the best computer I have ever had! It even has face recognition, which I do not know how to use (dumb Right)! My next favorite thing is my steel water bottle it is way cute and keeps my water cold for way longer than a plastic bottle! It is lighter blue with cool swirleies on it ( I do not know if swirlies is a word). Another of my favorites is my Angel Jeans if you are chunky these jeans are so for you. They fit your tush really good, do not irritate you in the waist and make you look thinner. I LOVE these jeans like no other! The next thing would deffinately have to be my Medusa's Makeup eye pigments I have not had these long and only have a couple colors Blow and Helter Skelter, I absolutely love them they are so pretty. Hmm, next up is my cell even though I want a new one but I have a Samsung Exclaim in Raspberry! I love it! I want a touch phone though. I think! I also Love my scriptures they are amazing and help everyday! Well I think I will wrap this up and go do something a little more productive.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I took my client bowling this afternoon. I was unable to get all the way ready before I left my house so I brought my make up with me! Oh the joy of doing maeup in your car mirror (not my favorite thing to do but the lighting is wonderful).


I am looking for some sort of charity I can do or get a group of people to do! I have not quite figured out what there is a need for and I am broke so that does not help at all! I like crafts and kids, teens and babies. I like to help people but just do not know what one should do, with the stuff in Haiti and around the world but I would like to make a difference right here in my community! So please give me some ideas on something to do to help people I know not bloggish but if I do some charity or organize groups to do so several things can happen such as material to write about, the world would be a better place, people will be helped to name a few! So PLEASE, let me know what you think!

Ok Let Us Define CHUNKYDUNK!!!

What is a ChunkyDunk?? Well according to the Urban Dictionary it is "FAT" people skinny dipping. Wait, what? Since when do thick chicks go skinny dipping? I can not ever fathom doing something like this. Really??? To me a ChunkyDunk is someone you loves thick chicks! Let me be the first to say, you would not find my fat behind in a swimming suit much less naked in a pool or lake!!! Not only no but heck no.
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