Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I took my client bowling this afternoon. I was unable to get all the way ready before I left my house so I brought my make up with me! Oh the joy of doing maeup in your car mirror (not my favorite thing to do but the lighting is wonderful).


I am looking for some sort of charity I can do or get a group of people to do! I have not quite figured out what there is a need for and I am broke so that does not help at all! I like crafts and kids, teens and babies. I like to help people but just do not know what one should do, with the stuff in Haiti and around the world but I would like to make a difference right here in my community! So please give me some ideas on something to do to help people I know not bloggish but if I do some charity or organize groups to do so several things can happen such as material to write about, the world would be a better place, people will be helped to name a few! So PLEASE, let me know what you think!

Ok Let Us Define CHUNKYDUNK!!!

What is a ChunkyDunk?? Well according to the Urban Dictionary it is "FAT" people skinny dipping. Wait, what? Since when do thick chicks go skinny dipping? I can not ever fathom doing something like this. Really??? To me a ChunkyDunk is someone you loves thick chicks! Let me be the first to say, you would not find my fat behind in a swimming suit much less naked in a pool or lake!!! Not only no but heck no.
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