Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eye Pigments

So I said I would put up pics of an eye pigment. These are from Medusa's Makeup in Blow (the white) and Helter Skelter (bluish Black).

Here they are individually...
Blow, I like to wear this as a hilight at my brow bone or as a base and it is really Shimmery, very nice!

Helter Skelter, I like to wear this for a sultry smokey look and usually wear this at night it can also be used as a liner but be warned these do not blend well with Medusa's Stick it primer! So, if you do not want to blend it then wear it with the primer!                     

These are on my hand I do not know if you can tell the differance but the white and black on the left as you see it are pressed shadow and the blackish and whit on the right are eye pigments. All four have Medusa's stick it under. The pressed powders looked a lot lighter in person!


  1. Thanks so much for posting! I very rarely wear make up any more, but I've been feeling the need to pretty myself up lately. Being home all the time now I feel like I always let myself go!

  2. Hey it is ok to doll up every once in while I do my stuff about every day so it is not as special!


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