Monday, February 1, 2010


How many of us have a husband that we want to strangle on occasion??? Probably a lot of us I am sure. So what is it with husbands, do they think we are stupid or something? I know that one thing that drives me crazy is the way they whine and cry about every little thing that is not to their standards. Ok for one thing I do not understand when they say, "oh go ahead and do that" and then when you do it is all wrong and you never hear the end of it GRRRR! Or how about when this man throws dirty clothes on the floor? How about picking that crap up? Really? Cuz I love to pick up after you all the freaking time right?
 Yeah not so much. Ok everyone this will probably be the rantiest (if that is a freaking word) post I plan to make about my husband. I do not think it is good to do that, but hey it makes for good material right? Sometimes I wonder if men are so dumb they really believe they are right about everything. I do not know if they understand that our brains are smaller to pack more information into them, but they sure think they are smart, don't they? Another fellas... Put your dishes up and the seat down! If you lived in your own place I would put the seat back up if you kept your toilet clean please have some respect! Do not put me on the back burner, when I ask you to do something and you agree that means do not sit around like a lump on a log! Ok i feel only slightly better!


  1. LOL I ask myself the same questions determined to become rich by figuring out the clue to what makes men tick.

  2. I have a wifey, not a husband, but we are still in the "honeymoon" stage (just over a year) so she hasn't really frustrated me .. YET lol!


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