Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok I Want Some Guy Followers!

I just think it would be really cool if a guy followed my blog, haha! It would be kind of funny! So I will do some guyish content in the future but for now I have got some good news I think! I may be getting a new clients for 206 hours a month, I am so stinking excited you do not even know!

I would be able to move sooner than I thought. I hope to get my own place as I can not take being treated like poopoo. I got a ticket and failed to metion it to my husband and now he is being very rude, yea this fool threw my plate and food down on the table (the plate was paper thankfully), and he wont talk to me and he is just being a butthead right now. This is not the first time he has gone a week without talking to me but it is not right. I don't think he remembers the times he has taken money to BUY things we do not need because he wants it or his son wants it. Or that he just went and baught over $200 worth of groceries, leaving  only $94 in the account and we have not paid rent! Wait, what? Yeah, I said $94. Gaw, he makes me mad and if he does not want to talk to me that is fine but at least let me know what is up right? OH Heck No, he can not even do that. Whatever, Fool I got better things to do in life than deal with this crap.
Moving on! If you know any guy things or have any ideas of things you want to know let me know! I have some more makeup ideas coming up here in a bit, and maybe some photo stuff! I am not sure what is next but that is ok whatever happens, it will be hella fun! I also think it would be rad to a comparison post about cars or something like that but let me know followers! I love you guys so ask questions about things you wanna know more about or leave comments or whatever! Happy ChunkyDunkin!

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