Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poeple With Special Needs

I work with people that are developmentally disabled, it can be very challenging. However, I went to a dance for special needs clients and it really made me think about life in general. This dance made me appreciate everything I have and that  I should be truely thankful for the simple things in life.  There were people there that can not walk, talk, or see; yet they were dancing and having fun.

There was a guy there who was dancing around with a pen, singing to the songs they played. He acted as if he were in concert and went and clapped the hands of people sitting on the edge, he would kiss the little kids on the head and say, "thank you very much" he was so stinking happy to be at that monthly dance. This man was in his 50's and acts like a child and other "normal" people in life would make fun of him for being childlike, yet I was so intriqued by him and his love.
There was also a lady that had almost no funtions at all, she had to be pushed as she lay in her strange kind of wheel chair. She did not appear to be awake, but her staff pushed her around and when she apeared to be with us all she did was smile, it was as if nothing else mattered. she would get excited and try to clap her hands. She apeared to have the lowest quality of life yet  she was happy and smiled when she could. Some people would say these people with special needs, do not deserve to give life a try. I do not think it is anyones choice but gods. He would not have sent their spirit to recieve a body if He did not think it were important.
There was a youngman there who was non verbal, he did not do a whole lot in the sense of socializing. He jumped around and hit the walls and did not talk at all. He jumped really high and was having a blast doing what he thought was fun and appropriate. This boy I later found out was autistic (I kind of figured that out as I work with an autistic boy) and was 22 years old. I thought he was about 16. He was so sweet and happy and can not communicate verbally, yet he was awesome and had fun.
Mostly, I figured that I should not complain so much, or worry about stupid little things that won't matter in a couple days. I can not change anything that has already happened and I need to learn how to stop worrying about the small stuff. I was raised with a sister that is special needs and I was mean, I can not take that back but I can change my ways now. I do not think as a child I realized that I was mean in the sense of she was "special" but more like I was her big sister. I know my sister acts different and my 12 year old is more mature but she is mostly happy with whatever she has, I need to learn how to be like that. I know this is not about being a chunkydunk, but it is similar. I do not look down on myself for being a chunky woman, but I do think my life is fine. I can change but I do not seee it as bad mostly. Just like these special needs adults do not see there life as bad, UNTIL some idiot makes fun of them once or a lot. That changes a lot, just like for a chucky dunk. Yes I am fat, no I do not need anyone to make fun of me! My sister and the people mentioned in this post are developmentally disabled and NO they do not need anyone to tell them they are stupid or retarded or whatever other mean name some idiot comes up with.
SO I say take it with a grain of salt and love one another and Happy ChunkyDunkin!!!!

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