Friday, February 12, 2010

Sorry I have not Updated

Well, where shall I start? First of all, I officially boycott Best Buy! I went in to see if virus removal was covered under my waranty that I paid an extra $99 for when I got my laptop. They said that I needed to pay and extra $130 to have the bug removed. Wait! What? So the guy then started my computer in some "Recovery Mode," he said that he needed to access my so called recovert partition! ( I do not have one of those on my laptop BY THE WAY!!!) and he got it stuck in this mode!

The next day, I bring the laptop back to Best Buy and the guy was there that messed it up worse than the virus had. The new guuy I had to work with called me just short of a liar! Then this so called Agent Smith tried to tell me that my Laptop was screwed up and that it was my fault and that he had nothing to do with it! Now that guy was a LIAR! Even the assistant manager tried to argue with me and I was there for four and a half hours and did not get anywhere.
So the next day I decided to call Best Buy, so I could tell the manager about this whole incident. The ASSISTANT manager tells me that this Agent Smith had worked there for 8 years and never once had a complaint. Ok, so I do not give a a rats behind if this man never had a complaint before, because he does now and I will be also calling the corporate office. That is all beside the point, sorry! Anyway the assistant manager tells me she would find out what to do and call me back. She calls and tells me to bring it in (for the 3rd time) and I live a good 15 to 20 miles from this dang store. I bring it in and would you believe it took less than 10 minutes to fix it? Yep it was about 7 minutes. They did not remove the virus apparently it is not covered by what they call a Geek Squad garuntee! But, at least I can turn my computer on now, and retrieve my info and files. And if they think I am done dealing with them, then they have another thing coming!
I will be making several posts for all  you chunkydunks and please stay tuned for the next installments of Chunkydunkatlarge! They will be great! Love one another and Happy ChunkyDunkin!!!

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