Monday, February 15, 2010

The Other Night

Well, on saturday night my daughter and I stayed up until 2am doing each others makeup. She was freaking pout because she had her friend pluck her eybrows and they are growing back but she still has "bald" spots. with that aside we stayed up listening to music and doing makeup. Next time I have to show her how to curl her hair. Luckily she knows how to straighten it.

First, I had to pluck the stray eyebrows, then trim them so they were not all bushy! (these are her crazy words) Anyway, after that I had her do her foundation and she was getting mad because she could see her pimples. I did her powder, the best way to cover blemishes in my opinion is to use a concealer and to blot the powder in around the blemish. I showed her how to put the powder on to fix the pimple. Next, she got blush which she doesn't know how to use and refuses to learn.
Next are the eyes! I love to do eyes, they make your face look the best. She has brown eyes, so with brown eyes it is a good idea to use purples it accents the brown. We actually uses some pinkish brown it is actually called pure romance. Anyway she is also addicted to eyeliner, I think it is the age. When I was 15 I used eyeliner like crazy! so I did the eye shadow and had to stop and show her every step and with each color. She then did her eyeliner, she kept asking me about if you can do this or that with eyeliner. So I decided to show her on my eyes on one side I did eyeliner and on the other side I used shadow. Then I had her do her mascara.
Lastly, as usual for me we did lips. She does not use color or lipstick. She noticed my lip stain and wanted to know what it was. Lipstain is like lipstick but it stays on and does not wipe off easily. So, I showed her on myself and made her try this lip gloss that tastes gross! Haha!  and then we had a cheese quesadilla and went to bed! Fun times I tell you what.
Love one another and Happy ChunyDunkin!


  1. Aww how sweet, makeup is awesome. :) Of course, I don't DO makeup.. but it's pretty when it's done. OH and do me a favor don't tell her that her pimples will go away after she's done being a teenager. My mom told me that, I guess to make me feel better. FAIL - I'm almost 25 and still have them!!

    Stop by my blog, I gave you an award. :)

  2. DO not worry, I just tell we can cover them up! But I try and cram into her teenage brain to wash her face everyday and at least with just a wet cloth and moisturize! She has not got it in there yet! But I do know that if I do not do that my face breaks out bad and if I do not moisturize, I can see what apear to be WRINKLES!!!! Yikes, it makes me feel older!


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