Monday, February 8, 2010

Want to Discuss a Couple of Things

Today I was watching QVC, because I am hopelessly adicted to infomercials and I have seen them all so Yea that is my excuse. Anyway, I saw something I must have but it is soooooo expensive. It is called Ojon Deluxe Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. They also have a whole line of haircare products. I want it but is it like $39 for a 8 or so ounce bottle, or $81 for two 32 ounce bottles (shampoo and conditioner) and I WANT it, I WILL have it! My hair is so think I hate it even with back combing and over directin with the instyler it still doesn't look thick.

The next thing is I found an awesome site. It is seriously a site where you can submit unsent letters! Really, you can even get paid to submit a letter if they accept you letter. You may get it in a book and get copies of the book. The only down fall is it is not updated often enough for my taste but still I can spend hours reading the letters if I am not careful. The site is I love it! I think some of those letters touched and inspired me to do better with my life.
Another thing is I feel really bad for my cousin. He has made some bad decisions and people in my family do not speak to him much. He had an experience with missionaries and had actual valid questions and it upsets me to know that they did not answer his questions with proper information. I am going to help my cousin as usual. I think I am the only one in my family who has not deserted him. He has crapped on me before and even did not protect me when he should have but he is still my family. I have his back and I hope he can find hope, strength, and faith in himself. I do not wish bad things to happen to anyone that I know. I will pray that he be protected from others and himself.


  1. I find myself only addicted to QVC when it has to do with kitchen gadgets and food. Their food always looks so good.

  2. Lol That is the best part I love QVC and HSN. I know about the food they had some caramel apples looked hella bomb!


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