Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am back but...

My posts are going to have to be short sweet and to the point, I have carpel tunnel and it hurts like MAD!!! So, in the past well however long I have been to the doctor like crazy for my hand, working and I have bronchitis I think. I have also not been keeping my deal with myself at all because it hurts to to put on my makeup! Lame I know. I will do it when I am feeling a little less under the weather. I have been trying my hardest to get along with my step son.

My step son Jacob, just baught himself an airsoft pistol. Today we went out to the field and did some target shooting. It was pretty fun, he still drives me somewhat crazy. Not that I do not care about him, more like he is kinda nutty and annoying. That is ok I think. we had some fun and that is all that matters. Right?
I am also looking for a job and have found some awesome ways to make money online. I need to do some stuff online to make about four hundred dollars to buy a Nikon Dslr cameraso I can do stock photography I will explain in another post! I also have been some writing for some websites to make a little money. If you have any questions about that I can post my affiliate links so it would help me out if you all are interested to learn more. It is pretty fun. I am having an issue with my hand now so... Love one another and Happy ChunkyDunkin!!!

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