Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I took my client bowling this afternoon. I was unable to get all the way ready before I left my house so I brought my make up with me! Oh the joy of doing maeup in your car mirror (not my favorite thing to do but the lighting is wonderful). We get to the bowling place and I decide I will go out and do my makeup. I get out the door and there is this dang thumpathimpaboomboom going on I look up and next to my car this guy is wiping his car down with a towel. So, I brush it off and get in the car (I love my car by the way) and start doing my makeup. Almost the entire time I'm there the guy has his music blasting. I get to my eyes and I look up and low and behold this weird crackhead guy is walking up and is across the parking lot (I should have taken a picture of him he was strange), all of a sudden the guy gets into his car and slowly pulls over to this guy. My window was down so I could hear what was going on.
I was absolutely floored when I looked up to see them standing there in broad daylight a few blocks from the cop shop exchanging drugs and money!!! Wait, what is this there are kids around! I did not actully see the drug however, I am not stupid! Did I call the cops? Umm no, that guy would have probebly shot me are you serious? I finished my makeup after the guy sped away and I could not look away as he was in my line of vision I wanted him to think I was not looking.
I did find something out about my makeup though, one thing is I love love love purple eyeshadow especially by MAC, two that I now am not sure I like my new Stick It by Medusa's Makeup, and three I found out that Blow (eye pigment by Medusa's) is what they call a drug and was probably just sold in front of my face and when used as a base looks makes everything on top of it look shimmery even if it is matte! But whatever I thought it was weird that I used the color Blow on my eyes while watching a drug deal! I told the man that owns the bowling alley to keep his eye out and that I was scared to call the cops he said it was ok and that he would make sure it does not happen anymore!
Love one another and Happy Chunky Dunkin

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