Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ok Let Us Define CHUNKYDUNK!!!

What is a ChunkyDunk?? Well according to the Urban Dictionary it is "FAT" people skinny dipping. Wait, what? Since when do thick chicks go skinny dipping? I can not ever fathom doing something like this. Really??? To me a ChunkyDunk is someone you loves thick chicks! Let me be the first to say, you would not find my fat behind in a swimming suit much less naked in a pool or lake!!! Not only no but heck no.

Apparently there is an activity in Portland where people of all sizes get to go to a public pool (after it has been privately rented) and pay EXTRA so people do not make fun of them while they wear their suits in public. Oh yea teasing is not tollerated! Are you freaking kidding me? Umm, how about this, people should not make fun of people period I think they should just all grow up. I suppose for the self concious this might be ideal, maybe we should get this for the heavy people where we all live so people can swim in peace. You can visit this site to find out more about ChunkyDunk swimming... yes it does exist.

So this is my intro to ChunkyDunk at Large I am a chunky Chick, however I plan on changing this in the near future, but I know what it feels like to be teased or made fun of. I also know it is hard to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise. I will not be a "fat" person skinny dippin or chunky dunkin as they say, but I am here to give my opinion on things in life not just my life but everybody's life. I plan to talk about clothes, makeup, hair, food, games, family, fun, relationships, holidays, hobbies, kids, friends, movies, books, shoes, resturants, networking to name a few! I want people to be informed! I will tell you where I think you should go to get cute clothes for all body types and where to eat or whatever.

Well this is my first post and like I said before ChunkyDunk in my opinion is people that love chunky people! Don't forget to Love one another and HAPPY CHUNKY DUNKIN'!

With Much Love,


  1. I totally agree that is ridiculous that you wouold have to pay so people dont make fun. that is really sad.

  2. WEll I guess if you are worried about people making fun it would work but I totally think it is weird


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