Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whew I am So Tired!

I am in not in the mood for chunkydunkin as I am so tired I have not been able to sleep due to the dogs across my field will not stop barking! I am about to go growl at them. I do not think it would shut them up though. I think I will just put earpones in as I go to bed. Yea that will work, right? Four ruff nights in a row, really does iritate me. What gets me is if I hear the dog or dogs barking then what does the owner do about all that noise?

I was also stressed out about my whole best buy situation and now that I am going to be losing about $800 of income at the end of the month. Yes, I am looking for work, unless I can really make some real money online. That all puts a damper on sleep, I think. I have not been updating like I would like, but I will work on that. Depending on how busy I get looking for a new job; I will try to update a few times a week at least.
Something else is the whole chunkydunk swimming thing. I believe I am going to try and facillitate one in my area. I will have to cantact the people of the website so I can find out what all chunkydunkin entails. I would like to either find someone with a pool  outside or a facility to rent so we can be chunky dunks at large for real! It may be fun or I suppose it could be weird I gues with all the chunky dunks out there we will have to see for sure. I am going to go look that up now so....
Love One Another and Happy ChunkyDunkin!!!

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